Hi, I’m Maitri Alexandra, and I started this blog to share all my favorite recipes with my kids and extended family.

My two grandmothers and my mom taught me a lot about cooking and baking, and I love sharing the kitchen with my daughters. I want to pass on to them my ancestors’ gifts of wisdom, creativity, and generosity through food.

Cooking can be a healing art for both the chef and the people who get to enjoy the food.

I also love sharing recipes with a global community – and discovering that we’re all cooking for our own fun or healing or useful reasons.

My life in a small nutshell: I grew up in Canada, studied molecular biology, moved to California, had two amazing children, started and sold two software companies, survived 10 years of chronic pain, found my life partner and got two more amazing kids, and fell in love with mindful movement practices: yoga, tai chi, dance, meditation, cooking.

From all this life experience, I’ve learned that we can use our suffering to awaken strength, gratitude, and creative energy in us.

Right now my family loves to experiment with things like plant-based treats, artisan breads, international cuisine, and kid-friendly, planet-friendly fare.

It’s kind of an eclectic mix of ideas that keeps evolving, but then again so are we.

Underneath it all is a deep need to focus on sustainability now, because if we don’t have a planet to live on, nothing else matters.

If you’re new here, you could start with:

Thank you for reading this and for being part of our global family for sustainable living. You are amazing! 🤗

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Sending you lots of love! ❤️
Maitri Alexandra